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Now that we have established the top 3 systems used for gamers these days (Xbox, Playstation, & PC) I can start talking about the fun stuff.

Of Course Halo

I really want to go the cliche route and┬ásay that Halo is the top Xbox game of all time and I really don’t think many people could argue that. But that has been said a million times and if you don’t know what Halo has done for the gaming world and especially multi-player than you are living under a rock.

Halo is definitely my favorite Xbox game of all time but that’s too easy and I want to dig a little deeper on my top choices.

And The Winner Is…

This was not an easy decision for me to come to. I for sure prefer to play PC games over console any day, but you can still find me hopping on my Xbox a few hours a week to get some of that out of my system and to take a break from my computer.

Looking back at all the games I have played throughout the years, I think I am going to have to give my top choice to Skyrim.

As you will find out in a few days, this is more along the lines of games that I like to play.

I am a serious gamer remember, and MMO’s are just more my style. I decided to give my top pick to Skyrim because this genre of game is really hard to pull off on console and no game has come close to being as successful as an MMO on a console as The Elder Scrolls.

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