Since I gave my top Xbox choice to an MMO, I thought I could start talking about the most popular genre of games usually played on console and another company that was responsible for changing the multiplayer world for good.

And the Winner Is…

I am sure anyone who plays video games out there could see this winner coming and I was trying to think of a different game to pick but to be honest, I really don’t play Playstation very often and I could not think of one other game that could even come close to Call of Duty for my top pick.

After Halo came out, gaming companies jumped on the bandwagon and they all tried to replicate some sort of first person shooter that could compete with Halo’s domination of the online gaming world and none even came close aside from Call of Duty.

Not For Everyone

It always kind of surprises me how often I hear about how much people hate this whole series and how awful of a game it is and yet it continues to break records with each release of a new game.

Granted, I will admit that this game can really bring out the worst in someone and when you get killed by someone crouching in the corner it can bring you to the point of wanting to smash your Playstation with a hammer.

But is there anything more satisfying that getting an 11 point kill streak and getting in that gunner seat?

Stay tuned for my all time favorite next.

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