I think the majority of people out there who play video games would definitely say that they prefer consoles like Playstation, Xbox, or Wii over playing video games on a computer.

Hardcore gamers like me however definitely prefer playing our games on a PC and this is where the real competition and commitments are at.

Something About It

I honestly can’t tell you what it is, but there definitely is a different vibe between people who play on consoles VS a PC.
Look at the determination in this guy’s face. There is a something about putting on a headset and using a mouse and keyboard that just makes you feel like you are really doing something that matters. There are millions of people who casually play Xbox or Playstation and can put the controller down after an hour or so of playing. But those who commit themselves to playing games that are only offered on the PC are the ones who can spend hours and hours sitting in their chair and most people genuinely don’t understand this appeal.

The types of games that are played on the PC is probably the main reason for this discrepancy. Most that are only on PC are your MMORPG’s (massive muli-player online role play game) which require you to put in hours that normal console genres like 1st person shooters can’t even compare to.

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