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Since I gave my top Xbox choice to an MMO, I thought I could start talking about the most popular genre of games usually played on console and another company that was responsible for changing the multiplayer world for good. … Continue reading

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Xbox Pick

Now that we have established the top 3 systems used for gamers these days (Xbox, Playstation, & PC) I can┬ástart talking about the fun stuff. Of Course Halo I really want to go the cliche route and┬ásay that Halo is … Continue reading

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I think the majority of people out there who play video games would definitely say that they prefer consoles like Playstation, Xbox, or Wii over playing video games on a computer. Hardcore gamers like me however definitely prefer playing our … Continue reading

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When it comes to video games, there are a ton of different options and no matter what your style is you can find something to make everyone happy. So I am going to try and break down my favorite choices … Continue reading

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I feel genuinely sorry for those of you out there who have never spent over 10 hours sitting in a chair and competing against your friends or even total strangers in a virtual world for items and prizes that have … Continue reading

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