Since I gave my top Xbox choice to an MMO, I thought I could start talking about the most popular genre of games usually played on console and another company that was responsible for changing the multiplayer world for good.

And the Winner Is…

I am sure anyone who plays video games out there could see this winner coming and I was trying to think of a different game to pick but to be honest, I really don’t play Playstation very often and I could not think of one other game that could even come close to Call of Duty for my top pick.

After Halo came out, gaming companies jumped on the bandwagon and they all tried to replicate some sort of first person shooter that could compete with Halo’s domination of the online gaming world and none even came close aside from Call of Duty.

Not For Everyone

It always kind of surprises me how often I hear about how much people hate this whole series and how awful of a game it is and yet it continues to break records with each release of a new game.

Granted, I will admit that this game can really bring out the worst in someone and when you get killed by someone crouching in the corner it can bring you to the point of wanting to smash your Playstation with a hammer.

But is there anything more satisfying that getting an 11 point kill streak and getting in that gunner seat?

Stay tuned for my all time favorite next.

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Xbox Pick

Now that we have established the top 3 systems used for gamers these days (Xbox, Playstation, & PC) I can start talking about the fun stuff.

Of Course Halo

I really want to go the cliche route and say that Halo is the top Xbox game of all time and I really don’t think many people could argue that. But that has been said a million times and if you don’t know what Halo has done for the gaming world and especially multi-player than you are living under a rock.

Halo is definitely my favorite Xbox game of all time but that’s too easy and I want to dig a little deeper on my top choices.

And The Winner Is…

This was not an easy decision for me to come to. I for sure prefer to play PC games over console any day, but you can still find me hopping on my Xbox a few hours a week to get some of that out of my system and to take a break from my computer.

Looking back at all the games I have played throughout the years, I think I am going to have to give my top choice to Skyrim.

As you will find out in a few days, this is more along the lines of games that I like to play.

I am a serious gamer remember, and MMO’s are just more my style. I decided to give my top pick to Skyrim because this genre of game is really hard to pull off on console and no game has come close to being as successful as an MMO on a console as The Elder Scrolls.

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I think the majority of people out there who play video games would definitely say that they prefer consoles like Playstation, Xbox, or Wii over playing video games on a computer.

Hardcore gamers like me however definitely prefer playing our games on a PC and this is where the real competition and commitments are at.

Something About It

I honestly can’t tell you what it is, but there definitely is a different vibe between people who play on consoles VS a PC.
Look at the determination in this guy’s face. There is a something about putting on a headset and using a mouse and keyboard that just makes you feel like you are really doing something that matters. There are millions of people who casually play Xbox or Playstation and can put the controller down after an hour or so of playing. But those who commit themselves to playing games that are only offered on the PC are the ones who can spend hours and hours sitting in their chair and most people genuinely don’t understand this appeal.

The types of games that are played on the PC is probably the main reason for this discrepancy. Most that are only on PC are your MMORPG’s (massive muli-player online role play game) which require you to put in hours that normal console genres like 1st person shooters can’t even compare to.

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When it comes to video games, there are a ton of different options and no matter what your style is you can find something to make everyone happy. So I am going to try and break down my favorite choices of video games into different genres and ways that you play them.

The two main systems, or whatever you would like to call them, are either you PC or on a console (Xbox, Playstation, etc.)

Playstation VS Xbox

Ohhh the debate of the century. Even if you don’t play video games, you have to know about the constant debate in the gaming community is regards to the Sony Playstation and the Microsoft Xbox.

People have their different opinions for various reasons and let me tell you, people are extremely passionate about their opinions when it comes to this. Some of those who love Xbox will never touch a PS3 controller in their life and vice versa.

I personally will play either system and don’t have that much of a passion towards either but definitely have my favorite.

And The Winner Is…

Are you ready? Drumroll please…

If I had to choose between the two for my personal favorite I am going to have to give it to my man Bill Gates and choose the Xbox.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t not  like the Playstation but there is something about the controllers that just does not feel write. The Xbox controller is like a glove and I could play on it all day.

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I feel genuinely sorry for those of you out there who have never spent over 10 hours sitting in a chair and competing against your friends or even total strangers in a virtual world for items and prizes that have absolutely zero impact on your real life; I really do…

That could not have sounded more pathetic and nerdy if I tried but hey, I am what I am and I will never be sorry for it.

True Gamer for Life

When I use the phrase “true gamer,” I am talking about someone who thinks about video games at almost every point in their day and is actually competitive about it. I am not talking about those of you out there who will play the occasional Mario Cart, I am talking about those of you who know what it’s like to spend months on a raid boss with up to 40 other people taking absolutely perfect execution and teamwork. Those of you who know the pains of carpal tunnel over the years of wrist abuse. The ones who think sleep is for the weak and nothing comes before your guild.

This is going to be a place where nerds like me can rejoice and talk about our biggest passion in our lives…

In all seriousness I am not as fat and ugly as you are probably thinking and I maaaay have been trying to sound a little too real with my nerdism but I do really love playing video games more than anything else in the world and I am going to share with you some of my favorites that have changed my life throughout the years.

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